Michael Rosenthal, MD, PhD

Investigator, Hale Family Center For Pancreatic Cancer Research

Department Of Imaging, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Department Of Radiology, Brigham And Women’s Hospital

Assistant Professor Of Radiology, Harvard Medical School


Bio     Research Interests     Key Publications


Dr. Michael Rosenthal, MD, PhD is a diagnostic radiology physician-scientist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham And Women’s Hospital, and an Assistant Professor Of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. He specializes in the imaging of gastrointestinal cancers with a focus on pancreatic cancers. He also leads a data science research group that seeks to extract novel imaging biomarkers from routine imaging studies that can enhance the understanding and management of cancer.
Dr. Rosenthal received his medical degree and his PhD in Computer Science from the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As part of his doctoral work he developed methods for three-dimensional guidance of minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures, including methods for real-time image analysis and statistical object recognition. He completed a residency in diagnostic radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and a fellowship in cancer imaging at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

Research Interests

Dr. Rosenthal’s current work centers on extracting useful biomarkers from diagnostic imaging studies to improve our understanding and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. We work in collaboration with the Wolpin Lab as well as the MGH-BWH Center For Clinical Data Sciences (https://www.ccds.io) and the Dana-Farber Informatics and Analytics group. 
Our group has developed methods for automatically measuring body and fat mass from routine CT scans, which can serve as a marker for the metabolic changes of cancer. We have recently shown that this method can be used to analyze CT scans with results that are equivalent to the work of human experts. We have now analyzed over 100,000 scans to understand how muscle and fat are distributed in the general population so that we can better understand how cancer affects those values. Our team is also developing methods to automatically identify and measure tumor volumes, which may be helpful in understanding tumor growth and release of association circulating biomarkers. We are applying these techniques to the problem of identifying individuals who are at-risk for future pancreatic cancer by analyzing CT scans that are performed as part of routine care.

Key Publications

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